Substance Abuse Inpatient Care

Comprehensive treatment for drug and alcohol abuse addictions. 30, 60, and 90-day programs that offer quality from license professionals.

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Archbold Treatment Center is dedicated to providing quality drug and alcohol abuse treatment from diagnosis to aftercare.

We always recommend individualized treatment plans that are holistic and proven to help you get to the root of your addiction. We understand that addiction is a disease and we take the quality of treatment very seriously. It is your life, your future, your health and it is just as important to us as it is you.

Inpatient drug and alcohol treatment offer the most comprehensive care and is often recommended for those who have had an addiction for years. Whether it is pain pill addiction or alcoholism, your future in recovery is our main focus.


They Found Joy in Recovery So Can You

Comprehensive Inpatient Therapy

Substance abuse disorders can manifest from past trauma or un-diagnosed mental disorders that may have developed. 

Identifying the root of your addiction can provide clarity as to why you depend on drugs and alcohol to alter your mind. 

Are you severely depressed? 

Do you have an undiagnosed bipolar disorder and do drugs just to level yourself out? 

PTSD could be the reason why you drink to you black out? 

 Find the answers to those questions is what Archbold Treatment comprehensive inpatient care is all about. You need to focus on you, so were will help you do that. 

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Picking the Right Day for the Intervention

Everyone’s life experiences are different and the reasons why they do drugs will also differ from person to person. What matters is you and that is why one-on-one therapy sessions during inpatient treatment will help you find the reason to get sober and remain in recovery.

You will work through issues with a trained professional and monitor progress until you are confident. Individual therapy sessions are important for comprehensive treatment and long-term recovery. 

Different holistic treatment techniques focus on different needs and help you find passion in your sobriety. But it is all focused-on relapse prevention and stabilizing your life so that you don’t feel like you need to drink and do drugs just to cope.  

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Group Therapy in Inpatient Rehab

Group therapy is just as important as individualized therapy sessions. Substance abuse isolates you and makes you think all you need is your drugs. Group therapy allows individuals to vent, share experiences, share success, and interact with others as they become a foundation of support.

Group therapy provides a foundation were each group member can help share their experiences and get it off their chest. Overcoming shame and regret with others makes these emotions tolerable.  

Sharing past experiences can help patients realize that they are not the only one caught up in addiction. Hearing similar experiences help people out of their denial and into a positive mind-set of healing.  This makes it easier for other people to see that sobriety is possible and they can achieve it. 



Our detox center safely weans the body off the addictive substance as safely. Detoxing from drugs or alcohol can last from 5 to 10 days depending on the addict's history.


Our Intensive Outpatient (IOP) allows you to live at home while traveling to the facility a few times a week to participate in treatment and counseling services.

Let's Get Started

Committing to substance abuse treatment can be overwhelming and confusing. We want to be there every step of the way to help you succeed. You are not alone. Archbold Treatment Center is dedicated to improving Waycross, Georgia’s community in an effort to end the Opioid Epidemic. Coming together is as a nation begins by coming together as a community. Let us help you take your first steps in taking back control of your life.

Ending the Opioid Epidemic begins with your family, the Menifee community, and the proud citizens of California. 

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