Alcohol Rehab – What are the Basics?

Alcohol rehab is the specialized process of psychotherapeutic or medical treatment for addiction to psychoactive substance like alcohol, street drugs like cocaine, amphetamines, or heroin and prescription drugs like painkillers, psychiatric drugs or antidepressants. It is generally a 12-step program. The basic foundation of alcohol rehab lies in the fact that alcoholism is a disease of the brain and alcohol addicts are addicted to the specific chemicals found within the brain, specifically dopamine and nor epinephrine. This article presents a brief summary of the general characteristics of this disease and some useful guidelines for alcohol rehabilitation.

Alcoholism is characterized by compulsive behavior patterns, which may include frequent consumption of alcoholic beverages, taking excessive alcohol or drugs, engaging in hazardous behavior while driving or working, lying to family and friends, stealing to purchase alcohol and other substances, developing psychological disorders and engaging in violent or aggressive behavior when drinking or using drugs. Alcohol abuse results in numerous negative aspects in people’s lives. Alcohol rehabilitation provides a comprehensive approach to treating alcohol addiction and alcoholism. Some common programs include inpatient alcohol treatment, residential alcohol rehabilitation, outpatient treatment, and short-term alcohol treatment.

Alcoholism is considered a progressive disease, since it changes many people’s lives. Alcoholism has many physical, emotional and social implications. Alcoholism causes a number of symptoms that may need to be treated in order to avoid relapse. One of the common symptoms is a constant feeling of discomfort or sadness for reasons that are not understood. Alcoholism can also cause feelings of anger or anxiety, frequent headaches and stomachaches, inability to concentrate or lose interest in things that used to bring pleasure, a feeling of social isolation, loss of interest in hobbies and activities, and feeling physically and mentally fatigued.

Alcoholism is treated through various methods, including counseling, medication, group therapy, and support of family and friends. Alcoholism is a treatable condition that should be treated effectively. Alcoholic Anonymous is a professional organization that provides 12-step programs that can help an alcoholic identify and take control of his or her life. The A. Program focuses on providing help in controlling a drinking problem through the use of powerful, individually focused techniques that will help you reduce your consumption and achieve sobriety.

Alcoholism is categorized as either acute or chronic. Acute alcohol abuse usually starts with a temporary condition, such as being unable to stop drinking on your own, and develops into a more serious condition over time. Chronic abuse is manifested through continuing to drink despite increasing negative consequences to yourself and others. Symptoms include insomnia, stomachaches, anxiety, irritability, memory problems, and behavioral problems. Alcoholism is a progressive disease, and symptoms must be treated before recovery.

Most alcohol rehabilitation programs provide a combination of inpatient rehab services and outpatient programs. Many people prefer inpatient rehab programs because they focus on the underlying causes of the addiction, offer exposure to supportive peers and the ability to receive consistent therapy. Many people that begin in outpatient programs may continue their treatment through partial hospitalization when additional support is needed.


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